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Aluminum Extrusion ERP

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The Latest Software of the Aluminum Extrusion Industry


User friendly interface

Thanks to our easy-to-learn and easy-to-use interface, we provide fast adaptation.


Special reports for each customer

We provide the opportunity to create your own reports on ALUDATA.


Continuous update support

We are improving every day and keeping our schedule alive with weekly updates.

Your Reliable Solution Partner OYC SOFTWARE

10 years of industry experience

We continue to produce and develop software in the aluminum extrusion industry for +10 years. Our biggest supporters in this process are our customers, with whom we are in constant contact. Thanks to them, we aim to become more efficient every day.

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All you need is ALUDATA!

Lighten your workload!

ALUDATA has been developing for years with the feedback from you in order to meet all your needs. You manage your business, we will meet your needs.


We help you to follow all processes in your company through a single software, thus easing your workload.


You can instantly access reports, information and data that you could not reach within the company before.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our software database works on server computer. We install client software to your users computer. Clients connect your local server and communicate each other.

First , we need server computer. Server requirements change by the number of users. We help our customers for server requirements on installation process. Also, an ordinary windows computer is enough for users.

You should install all station in factory. For example extrusion press station, shipping department, paint work department, anodizing department, die shop etc.

All stock types can be follow in the ALUDATA.

ALUDATA is the latest software in aluminum extrusion sector. Our one of biggest aim is keep updated the software. We develop day by day ALUDATA with your feedbacks.

Yes you can see all station wastage in ALUDATA. We use receipt logic in our software.

You can create your own reports with our advanced reporting tools.

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